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23rd Mar 2016, 10:30 AM

Hooooo boy I have to learn how to draw crowd scenes better. This will work for now, though.

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23rd Mar 2016, 10:43 AM

Okay, there is NO WAY this ISN'T a musical number by this point

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23rd Mar 2016, 10:53 AM

"I have to learn how to draw crowd scenes better"
Whhhhaaat?! I think you did a fantastic job with the crowd! I also love how diverse everyone in the crowd looks, they each have a really unique design.
Gah! Your work is so awesome! :D

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23rd Mar 2016, 11:53 AM

Gee, thanks Cass :')

I guess I mean it seems a little forced to me, and on top of that it took fooooorever to draw, which is not cool. I'll try and figure it out better next time I gotta do it :)

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23rd Mar 2016, 1:50 PM

I think it's fine, MNP. The crowd looks good!

And hoo boy... now Jaunt has an audience... XP

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23rd Mar 2016, 2:08 PM

Heh, thanks - there's things I gotta fix when I get home but I'm okay with the results.

Imagine an AU where he knew you were reading :)

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23rd Mar 2016, 5:10 PM

Red skeleton dude looks too cool to pass up. Should be the next fight lmao :D
While barkeep does not seem interested at all. I guess watching matches in bars is a rarity in the monster world!
And they look all tougher than Jaunt... Maybe minus the red haired guy.

I hope Jaunt means the blood because it is too soon to wet your pants ;)

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23rd Mar 2016, 7:47 PM

It didn't really matter who said what here, but red skele-face-man seemed to be popular, so I put him in :)

The Barkeep doesn't want to lose any customers! Like, actually lose them. To death! XD

I spose Jaunt is pretty unassuming next to a lot of these aliens, goes to show you how OP he is on earth :D

And yes he means the blood XD

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23rd Mar 2016, 5:51 PM

As long as you can whip out the characters in a crowd with ok speed, I think it's fine. A crowd this size was probably manageable?
I feel like I learned a lot about Jaunt by him thinking he might lose and planning accordingly.

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23rd Mar 2016, 7:48 PM

No it took entirely too long :')

My new rendering method is slower than I'd like. I could do a page like this in a day if I was doing a page per day method, but since I have like, work, and personal obligations, I have to break everything down in steps, haha.

And Jaunt? He just assumes that he has it taken care of. Some version of him from another time is aware of his death and has arranged for it, hah!

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23rd Mar 2016, 10:18 PM

Crowd looks great. Plus, they are hilarious. Very nice addition to the atmosphere.
The excitement of the fight is going to break out a riot in the crowd. A monsters bar brawl would be nice! heh.
Are all of these creatures Lovecraft (or of influence) too?

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24th Mar 2016, 10:08 AM

Thanks, I'm glad my effort is appreciated, heheh :)

Oh jeez, if drawing a crowd is hard, drawing a bar brawl... hah!

And nah, a lot of these are just one-off designs of mine. The idea was kinda to get across the idea of a more broad population of aliens in the universe, not just the standard Lovecraftian variety :)

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24th Mar 2016, 3:04 AM

Your crowd scene looks great. Colorful looking crowd. And I love how Jaunt exudes class.

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24th Mar 2016, 10:14 AM

Hey, thank you! I tend to be pretty bad about color selection so it's just a shotgun of random choices, haha.

And of course, Jaunt is a very classy sort. Occasionally scary, but usually classy :D

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24th Mar 2016, 7:45 AM

That crowd is really getting into watching the fight. As others have mentioned, great group scene. These characters are interesting looking.

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24th Mar 2016, 9:31 AM

Pack Mentality

So strange how people who don't normally find interest in these things suddenly abound with curiosity once a crowd starts gathering.

Ruh, roh.... the bone through the head is missing off your wolven man there in panel three!

I'm so bad about inconsistency, so I can't scream too loud!

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24th Mar 2016, 10:26 AM

You're right, heh. And aw jeez you're right about that, too.. I need to correct that as soon as I'm able. Man, I thought I was done correcting this page.


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24th Mar 2016, 1:12 PM

Aahahaha show time for sure! Just add the booze and the Cantina band and it's complete ;D

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Bob Mozark
25th Mar 2016, 9:33 AM

This is good pacing of the storyline. The fighters are catching their breath which is perfect timing to show what is happening in the bar.

And it appears that Team Jaunt still has reason to hope.

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25th Mar 2016, 11:32 AM

I thought it might be nice to put a brief break in all the swingin' and shootin'.

And come on, never bet on bug ;D

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